I Got a Little Change in my Pocket, Going Jing-a-Ling-a-Ling

Big changes are coming to Terri Puma Design, LLC.  Please join me in rolling out the red carpet for Samantha Stevens, the new Director of Licensing for TPD. I am thrilled to welcome this tastemaker, game-changer, mover + shaker. Her vision, energy, attitude and creativity are an inspiration. Her sense of humor is a perfect fit (along with her taste in shoes!) And she’s got a heart the size of Texas! Basically, she’s got skilz.  Here is a picture of Sam from the recent 10thAnniversary issue of Austin Woman, which she co-founded.

I had the pleasure of traveling to Austin, Texas with my hubby, “The Paul” (like The Donald) to welcome my long-time friend to the team.  We worked hard and played hard and we can’t wait to share all the great things to come.  In the meantime…here’s a few of the things I LOVED about Austin:


From the hotels to the restaurants, from the bars to the people you meet on the street, this city has a higher number of hip, happy, friendly, and welcoming people per capita than most cities I’ve visited.  It’s one of those places that embraces it’s own unique culture and makes me love the Bowling for Soup song “Come Back to Texas” even more!

If you like your music with a side of
wit…best album evah!

The SHOPPING! From downtown to South Congress to The Domain, from fashion to art to interior design… it’s fun, funky and fabulous. Which leads me to THE BOOTS!   Oh, the boots.  No shopping trip to Austin would be complete without a trip to Allen’s Boots…just the smell of the leather when you walk in the door is intoxicating.  I even found a crimson pair…perf paired with a short skirt for game day at Bama. (It was just after the second purchase that Mastercard called to confirm our card had not been stolen.  Bless their hearts!) The FOOD! OMG…the food!  From food trucks to tex-mex to barbeque, from steaks to Italian, this town has it goin’on! And if you can only eat one thing while you’re there, for God’s sake, make it the zucchini chips at North! And here’s a time management tip…before you sit in a restaurant for 30 minutes, waiting for your friends (Enoteca Vespaio)…make sure there’s not a restaurant RIGHT next door, with the EXACT same name (Vespaio)!  I told you it was funky. But honestly, it was so delicious, there SHOULD be two of them!  

The TOPOGRAPHY! From the rolling hills to the fabulous lake, this town is a little slice of Heaven. And last but not least…The WEIRDNESS! An all-round artsy city, it boasts an impressive film festival, has proclaimed itself the “live music capital of the world”, and we can’t forget Austin City Limits.  Hello!  I am all about a city that celebrates creativity.   If you get the chance…pay it a visit.  It would be rude not to!  Greetings from Austin photo courtesy of rwethereyetmom.com Bowling for Soup album image courtesy of amazon.com Boot photos courtesy of  10best.com, bootblog.allensboots.com and writingthoughthefog.com Food photos courtesy of seriouseats.com, austinvespaio.com Topography photos courtesy of destination360.com, city-data.com